Back to Basics Pilates Workout

This video is a great workout for all levels of experience and skill. Beginners will learn and practice a simple yet comprehensive Pilates lesson. Experienced movers will also enjoy the opportunity to review some basic principles that will enhance their performance of more advanced exercises or other practices. You will activate and strengthen all aspects of your core, tone your hips as well as upper body, then finish feeling more coordinated, integrated, and grounded. If you would also like to focus on your flexibility, please try adding on one of my dynamic stretch series videos after your workout.

If you are new to Pilates, I strongly suggest trying the tutorials on Breathing, Core Awareness & Visualization, and Coordination of Pilates Breath & Core Activation.

Duration: 38 minutes (If you need a shorter workout, please try the 20 Minutes of Pilates Basics. It includes many similar exercises, but has been condensed for time.)

Suggested Props: Triad or similar sized ball, block or pillow to sit on, and a small hand towel. (

What is Pilates?

Pilates, originally called “Contrology,” is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates that strengthens, stretches, tones, and improves posture.

Warning: Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone and this or any exercise program may result in injury. Consult with your doctor before embarking on this or any other exercise program. The instruction and advice presented herein are in no way intended to be a substitute for medical counseling. Never force or strain, use the program only as intended and demonstrated, and FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. The creators, performers, producers, and distributors of this program disclaim any liability for any loss, damage, or injury in connection with any use of this program or the instructions and/or advice expressed herein.

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